Euromillions – The Millionaire Raffle

Players who purchase a EuroMillions ticket are allocated a unique Millionaire Raffle entry for each line that they enter on the EuroMillions draw. Each Millionaire Raffle entry consists of a combination of three letters and six numbers which is generated randomly by the lottery terminal and automatically fed back to Camelot for inclusion in the raffle. As with regular Lotto entries, players have 180 days to claim their prize once the draw has taken place, and already in the UK over 20 new millionaires have been created. Of course, winning the Millionaires Raffle does not disqualify your entry from the EuroMillions draw, so you could be a millionaire lottery winner twice in the same night!

For players based outside the UK, the only way to get involved in the Millionaires Raffle is to play EuroMillions through an online UK based syndicate. Not only do syndicates offer the opportunity of significantly increasing the chances of winning a prize in the EuroMillions draw but, with the number of multiple entries submitted by syndicates, there is a much greater probability that you will win a share of the Millionaire Raffle as well. For example, a typical UK based syndicate will consist of (say) 50 members each contributing to the shared EuroMillions entry. The syndicate will also generate 50 (in this case) Millionaire Raffle entries, and even though you have to share your winnings with 49 other people, you would each still be collecting £20.000 plus whatever amounts were won on the combined EuroMillions entries.

These online syndicates have not only been established for residents outside of the UK. They represent a fantastic opportunity for everybody to be part of a winning lottery team in the EuroMillions, UK Lotto, Spanish El Gordo and a number of other international lottery draws. The larger the syndicate, the more members are involved and the bigger the chances of winning a substantial prize. Although there is sometimes a wide distribution of the winning funds, the chances are that you will win more frequently as part of a syndicate than you would as an individual, and have many, many more opportunit If you need more information visit our site:

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