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Both coaching and mentoring involve help and support by a senior person (in competence, experience, expertise, and position) to a younger one. Three processes are involved in both coaching and mentoring: communication, empowering and helping.

Communication involves both receiving messages (listening), giving messages (responding), and giving feedback. The IAS Coaching Center or the mentor does all these. The process of empowering involves enabling the other person to exercise more autonomy, providing positive reinforcement so that desirable behavior is further strengthened, and creating conditions in which the person is able to learn from the behavior of the supervisor or the mentor. Concern and empathy of the coach or the mentor for the employee is the basis of helping behavior. It is also involves mutuality of relationship; the employee responds as much to the coach’s needs as the coach or the mentor does to the employee’s needs. Finally, helping primarily involves identification of the employee’s developmental needs so that he may be able to develop and increase his effectiveness.

Communication Coaching and Mentoring

In interpersonal communication, a person receives messages from (listening), and sends to (responding or asking questions) the other persons. Effective listening, empathic response, and supportive questioning are important both in mentoring and in performance of Delhi IAS coaching. Most examples given here are from performance counseling.

Listening: Listening is the first effective step in communication. Listening involves paying attention to the various messages being sent by the other person. The obvious message is the ideas being communicated (cognitive message). Both more hidden may be the feelings and the concerns the other person may not be able to put clearly in words. Listening to feelings and concerns is very important for effective coaching and mentoring.

Exercise 1: Listening to Feelings

Given below are ten statements made by different people. Identify the feeling behind each statement and enter in the space provided. To help you, lists of words describing the feelings are also given, from which you may choose your answer.

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