1966 Eason in NCAA Soccer

The 1966 season in NCAA Football brought yet another exciting year. This year was a very controversial season because of the outcome of the season. Today in football we have games that feature the top teams in the league in order to determine which teams should be the National Champions. During this time in football they did not have the same practices.

The top team in the league coming into the season was the Alabama Crimson Tide. Their team had a winning tradition and many people felt like they would come out and dominate the league. While they did have a fantastic season, they were not the best team in the league when all was said in done.

Throughout the season two teams started to stand out compared to all of the others. These two teams were the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Michigan State Spartans. These teams were both dominating their opponents week after week. They would eventually meet up, but before they met up the Fighting Irish were truly on a roll. In the weeks leading to their matchup the Irish pulled out victories by scores of 64-0, 40-0, 38-0, 32-0 and 35-0. It is clear that Notre Dame had a defense that just refused to give up points to their opponents. This tough defense and potent offense gave them the top ranking in the nation in the AP poll entering their game against Michigan State. Michigan State wasn't quite as dominant as Notre Dame, but they were right behind the Fighting Irish in the polls at #2.

The game that would be played would go down in history as one of the greatest games of football to ever be played. These two teams were the top teams in the nation and 먹튀검증사이트 competed in a grinding game that would go to the wire. Some people even named this game as "the game of the century." In the end the teams would deadlock in a tie. This tie would be very confusing for what should happen the rest of the season. Nobody knew how to rank one team over the other after they played such a competitive game in which they tied. The Fighting Irish maintained their top ranking, but many people still felt like Michigan State had an equal right to that position.

As the season continued both teams would finish undefeated, with only a tie as a blemish on each of their respective records. Today we would expect these teams to hash it out in a bowl game to decide the champion. Unfortunately, they did not do this. In fact, neither team participated in a bowl game that season. This meant that the championship would be determined not by the performance of each team against other great teams, but instead by the voters and what they thought.

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