Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Self-drive Car When You Already Own One

You may never think of renting a Self-Drive Car when you already have one or more cars parked at home, but I can give you better reasons to contact a Self-Drive Car Rental company on your next major outing. In India, the trend of hiring a car is slowly catching up and the day is not far when we will see more public transport on roads than personal vehicles.
1. Include a fancy car in your wedding plans
Make an impression on your spouse as well as your guests by hiring an elegant Self-Drive Car. Imagine the cheerful look on the face of your newly wedded wife when you drive her home in the ornate car. If you already have a car, you can use it anytime later; keep it for the rest of your life. This is the time to make a cinematic exit from the venue by renting a convertible or luxury car.
2. Make an impression on a meeting
Are you meeting an important client for the first time? You may sit in the lobby of a 5-star hotel with your client, but he will not pay attention to you unless he feels that you hold some substance, no matter how great your idea is. Yes, it sounds bitter, but it is a fact. Make sure that your client sees you alighting from your luxury car (no one else knows it is rented) and you will see him listening to every word you say. It is a materialistic world, and you have to twist some rules sometimes. Putting money in a luxury car is not possible for everyone, but renting is a clever option to make smart moves.
3. The school alumni meet
If you live in Mumbai, Delhi, or any other metropolitan, you would know the stress of peer pressure. Not everyone becomes a millionaire five years post-College, but you would never want everyone to know that. Getting together with old friends in school is great, and you can leave them in awe when they see your fantastic car. You do not have to tell them that you rented it for the occasion.
4. The trips
This reason to rent a car does not have to be a secret; you can openly flaunt in front of your friends that you rented a vehicle for your trip. While planning a trip in your office or with friends, it becomes difficult to decide who will bring the car. Many of you may have the vehicle, but no one wants to take it considering the wear and tear and probability of damage. Once the car is hurt, it is common for people to back out of the group and make excuses for not paying for the damage cost. The best way to escape these headaches is to rent a Self-Drive Car and save money on a driver or accidental damage. MyChoize, for example, provides Self Drive Cars in Delhiand many other cities, with a full tank of fuel and you are expected to return the car with the full tank. Your liability for accidental damage is limited to the amount of security value only.
5. The first date
You may not want to invite unwanted trouble by showing off more money than you have by renting a luxury car as it may bounce back later, but it is wise to rent a decent car and enjoy with your date. It matters to make a great impression for the first time you meet her; you never know your blind date may become your soul mate. Give a chance to destiny and do not ruin your prospects by making a bad impact (I am assuming that your own car would be in a mess like mine).
6. More mileage for long trips
Car rental companies often keep cars that give more mileage than regular cars. If you are planning a long road trip with your friends, you can just hire a Car for Self-Drive in Delhiand take it anywhere you want. More mileage of the hired car will ultimately save money on fuel that you can use at better places on your trip.
7. More members in the car
People often have small cars at home for daily commuting, and you cannot keep looking for a friend to borrow a bigger car if you plan to have a vacation with your extended family. Just rent a car from MyChoize car rental Delhiand have everyone comfortably seated. Such cars are sometimes customized to accommodate more luggage and petty things. You can concentrate on enjoying your journey rather than cribbing for space in the car.
8. Help in shifting houses
Moving from one house to another is a pain. Everyone fears those scratches inside and outside the car and those dents while moving heavy stuff in the car are just so horrible. You can save your vehicle from the misery by renting a small truck to have more space. This will also let you shift things quickly, and you can save money on fuel as well.
9. The backup option
No matter how many cars you have at home, a time may come when you have to ask a friend for a ride. Now if you have to go to your friend's house, you may want to skip the idea and just manage on your own. The Self-Drive Car rentals can also serve as a backup if you have sent your vehicle for repairs. The best thing about car rentals is that they offer pick and drop service for the car.
10. Test drive
Do you constantly think about a dream car? You may go to the showroom to have a test drive, but the two kilometer-ride can never satisfy you. Here again, Self-Drive Car Rental can come to your rescue. You can rent whichever car you want, and if you like its performance, you can contemplate your plans to buy it. Isn't it exciting to drive all your dream cars by paying just a nominal cost? You can boast among your peers that you have driven so many cars and you know everything about them.
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